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I-ThERM participation in SPIRE projects’ conference 2016, Brussels, 20 April 2016.

I-ThERM project participated in the SPIRE projects’ conference organised by A.SPIRE association in Brussels on 20 April 2016. I-ThERM project was represented by the Dissemination and Exploitation Manager, Mr. Thomas Parissis from the Center for Technology, Research & Innovation (CETRI), partner of the I-ThERM project. Mr. Parissis presented the project under the domain “Integrated management of resources and Lifecycle Management” in front of an audience compiled by representatives of other SPIRE projects, representatives from the European Commision, people from industrial & business associations and other supporters & stakeholders from the SPIRE community.

Mr. Parissis also participated in a round table discussion held at the end of the presentations relevant to possible synergies and actions which can support the projects’ deliver on their objectives as well as future uptake of their deliverables.

Finally, I-ThERM was represented also in the Communication & Dissemination Leaders’ meeting of all SPIRE projects that took place on 21 April 2016. During the meeting the SPIRE knowledge and dissemination platform was presented to all the representatives of SPIRE projects, discussions were made on the ways that the communication channels of SPIRE projects could be harmonised and the kind of support which SPIRE can provide in the projects’ dissemination activities.



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I-ThERM participation in SPIRE Projects’ Conference 2016, Brussels, 20 April 2016.