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I-ThERM project presented at the 2nd European sCO2 Conference 2018, Essen, Germany, 30-31/8/2018

The IThERM project was presented through a podium presentation at the 2nd European sCO2 Conference 2018, which took place at Essen, Germany on 30-31/8/2018. The presentation can be found here.


IThERM was represented by Dr. Giuseppe Bianchi from Brunel University along with Mr. Norman Holaind and Mr. Romain Loeb from Enogia, both partners of the I-ThERM consortium.


The presentation was about the development of the demonstrator for the high grade heat to power conversion unit based on bottoming supercritical CO2 Joule-Brayton cycles as per WPs 5 & 10.

The paper is entitled “Design of a single-shaft compressor, generator, turbine for small-scale supercritical CO2 systems for waste heat to power conversion applications” and it is accessible open access here.

I-ThERM project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680599.