Technological Educational Institute of Sterea Ellada

Technological Educational Institute of Sterea Ellada (TEISTE) belongs to the public higher education system of Greece. It was founded in 2013 after merging the Technological Educational Institute of Chalkida with Technological Educational Institute of Lamia and it has its head office at city of Lamia. The institute is oriented towards applied science and research therefore has been involved either as co-ordinator or as a partner in many RTD EU-funded and numerous national projects related to innovation technologies (e.g. THEBARCODE project, Cooperation Across Europe for Cd(Zn)Te based Security Instruments (COCAE) etc). Laboratory of Chemistry and Materials Technology of the Department of Electrical Engineering of TEISTE team headed by Prof. V. Stathopoulos consists of 3 academic members, 5 researchers and several students. Groups’ research under V.Stathopoulos is related to materials and coatings for environmental applications including energy. Various shaping methods have been applied i.e. tape casting, spin/dip coating, spray drying, pelletizing, RF sputtering, thermal spraying etc.