SYNESIS is a European private-public Consortium whose main shareholders are private Italian and German SMEs, and whose public shareholders are Italian and German RTD Institutions, namely the National Research Council of Italy and the German Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Synesis is the consortium dedicated to industrial research and technology transfer activities for the innovation of manufacturing processes and products. The consortium operates to facilitate the transfer of technology arising from research to industry, exploiting the most challenging results of R&D efforts through the development of new value added industrial solutions in partnership with high tech enterprises operating in various sectors of manufacturing. The intended result is fostering an increase in competitiveness of manufacturing industries through innovation of both processes and products, allowing a more efficient and effective management of plants and resources and better response to identified market needs. The integration of results of research activities with the extensive range of established know-how allows Synesis to offer a full package of industrial competences to partner enterprises, combining technological innovation with organizational and sustainability aspects. Synesis operates on a vast spectrum of intervention areas, mainly addressing:

Control and automation systems;

Prototyping and production of machines for special processes;

Simulation and optimisation techniques for the management of production lines and facilities, including energy supply aspects;

Industrial production sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment;

Life Cycle Design and sustainable products development;

Synesis has a continued involvement in European research projects in partnership with international centers of excellence. It acts as key agent for the application and exploitation of the most important European research and development initiatives, transforming scientific results into high added value technological solutions through direct cooperation with high technology companies.