EnergyXperts.NET is an engineering and consulting company for energy efficiency and renewable energies, with a robust technical background based on 20 years of experience in R&D and engineering projects related to the design, optimisation and integration of efficient thermal energy systems.

The main areas of activity of energyXperts.NET are:

  • Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency in industry and the tertiary sector with special focus on thermal systems: combined heat and power (CHP), heat recovery (process integration, PINCH-analysis), heat pumps; district heating and cooling; energy efficiency in systems for cooling and air conditioning; biomass for heating and power generation. energyXperts is co-ordinator of the EINSTEIN development, a methodology and software tool for energy audits in industry and other large-scale heat and cooling consumers ( The development of EINSTEIN has been co-funded by two previous IEE-projects (EINSTEIN and EINSTEIN-II).
  • Solar thermal energy and solar thermal power plants: High efficient solar collectors; medium temperature and large-scale solar thermal systems: solar process heat, solar cooling and air conditioning, solar thermal electricity.
  • Dynamic simulation of thermal systems: Long-year experience in numerical modelling of thermal processes and wide knowledge of the software TRNSYS for dynamic simulation of solar thermal systems with a special focus on non-residential sectors.

Infrastructure and/or technical equipment

EXP disposes of the infrastructure for hosting of the EINSTEIN software tool (software repository, detailed developers documentation of all previous developments since 2006).