With over 16 years of experience, Econotherm is a World Leader in the manufacture of Heat Pipe based Heat Exchangers for use in a wide range of industrial waste heat recovery applications. Econotherm have developed a remarkable technology for recycling what is generally perceived to be irrevocable waste heat. Econotherm’s heat pipe technology is not unique; the first heat pipes were conceived in the early 20th century; where Econotherm’s IP lies is in the unique and patented manufacturing processes they have developed that brings this technology onto the same commercial playing field of the more well-known shell and tube or plate heat exchangers. The critical difference is that the heat pipe technology is incredibly robust and can tolerate a much wider range of adverse operating conditions and is no longer the weak link in the industrial heat recovery cycle. Econotherm are seeking OEM businesses to partner with them to widen the distribution of this technology globally.

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