The Center for Technology Research and Innovation (CETRI) is a research intensive interdisciplinary scientific group located in Cyprus. The main purpose of CETRI is to provide engineering excellence and innovation management, which is efficiently achieved by offering cost effective solutions for entrepreneurs, independent enterprises and academic institutions. Our main scope is to help companies and public institutions to implement technological innovations. In CETRI, we conduct applied research and also we offer technical consulting services to Industrial and public organizations on innovation topics.

CETRI was founded by a group of professionals and academics who collaborated together for years at established technology research institutions and have built on that experience to provide great service and insight to help clients navigate the technology and innovation landscape. CETRI is in close collaboration with various institutions having already an established and growing Network of Research Centers, Universities and SMEs all over Europe. It is our aim to find concrete solutions to the real challenges facing European entrepreneurs. Moreover, CERTI has participated in various R&D projects with partners from all over Europe.

Website: www.cetri.net