ARLUY SL was founded in 1988, when the San Juan family sold their previous company which was dedicated to produce cookies and whose name was Marbú. ARLUY preserves their familiar character with the experience of three generations dedicated to produce different varieties of cookies, a strong share in the innovation and the product differentiation. The main goal of the company is to develop products focused on the segment of specialties and filled biscuits products, avoiding entering in the undifferentiated biscuit market of basic biscuits. In 2006, the installations are expanded with the introduction of a line of chocolate dipped to increase the competitiveness and portfolio. In 2009, ARLUY bought Group Siro, two brands which are the most famous in the company: Reglero and Rio. Both are highly valued and known for the consumer and with these, the company reaches a perfect complementation with the range of company products. This acquisition supposed a strong commitment in growing up, to continue being a reference in the market and to lead the sector with a high added value.

In 2011 ARLUY makes an agreement with the international Grupo Natra, to acquire the brand ZAHOR. This agreement supposes an expansion of the market. In 2012 ARLUY bought a new factory with 25.000 m2 which has supposed an investment of 10 million of euros and new lines of production which will allow increasing the sales both in national and international markets. This purchase will allow carrying out new research and development projects. The new floor is located in the industrial polygon El Sequero (Agoncillo-La Rioja) and it consists of new production facilities with advanced technology. It counts with 150 employees and the company expects to increase their sales on 17% in this exercise until the 47 million of euros. ARLUY launches onto the market between three and five products each year. This is possible because of R+D department. This department is the responsible of research new developments in raw materials, packages and product tests. ARLUY is a leader in use of newer, attractive and with more notoriety licenses for children and young people. Furthermore they are leader in selling cookies and chocolate biscuits to principal distributors.